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Chapel at Themata is designed as an impartial aid providing information, help and advice to the holidaymaker on Kefalonia in general and the Pylaros Valley area in particular. We try to provide accurate and up to date information and interesting facts on places to visit, things to do plus the people who live and work there.

New web site launched very recently

Wood Carving in
Agia Efimia

Do you love Feta Cheese?

If you want to see the Taverna and Shops with a view to finding out what is available in and around Agia Efimia please visit our new business directory.

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Picture of a wood carving depicting two dolphins

It is not commonly known by visitors to the island, but some of the very best Feta made on Kefalonia comes from Agia Efimia and the Pylaros valley area. Want to meet these most important workers? Click Here!

Many of the carved signs and boards outside Tavernas and shops in Kefalonia were all produced in a small workshop just outside Agia Efimia. Open to the public, it is worth a visit just to see the work on display there. Click here to learn more.

A walk on the wild side!
a stroll through the valley

Buying and Building in Kefalonia

Want the recipe? Learn how to cook the Greek way

In 2006 the Municipality of Pylaros opened a Tourist information office in Agia Efimia where helpful advice, information and free maps can be obtained showing the marked trails and footpaths of the Pylaros Valley. So grab a bottle of water, tighten up your laces, hitch up your shorts and go here for more details!

Buying and building or thinking about it? Your dream in Kefalonia need not turn into a nightmare if you follow the advice of the professionals. This does not mean the nice guy you just met in a Taverna or the real estate agent who bought you dinner last night. Learn what to look out for, what the fixed costs are and who to trust!...

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So you have followed our taverna guide, loved the food, successfully got the Robola past the security checks at the airport and now back you are back home you wish to recreate those fabulous tastes of Kefalonia. Our chefs are Greek ladies who who still cook at home in the traditional way......

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The Nikteritha logo

A long standing traditional coffee shop was re-opened in Makriotika on the 26th of May 2007. Funded and run by the Municipality of Pylaros The "Nikteritha" whilst new in it's present form is in reality a tradition revived and improved upon. Click here for details

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